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Five categories of butyl sodium xanthate

My company runs sodium butyl xanthate, product quality and high quality, five categories of butyl xanthate sodium is to introduce you:
pH adjusting agent. Use it to regulate pH value of mine pulp, for the control of chemical composition of surface properties of minerals, pulp and a variety of other pharmaceutical conditions, thereby improving the flotation. Cyanide also to regulate pH value of mine pulp. Common lime, sodium carbonate, sodium hydroxide and sulfuric acid. When the gold, the most commonly used is the regulator of lime and ferric sulfate
Activator. To enhance the role of minerals with the collector capacity, making difficult to float minerals are activated while. Activation of using sodium sulfide copper oxide ores containing gold, lead, and then use the yellow medicine flotation collector.
Inhibitor. Improving the hydrophilicity of mineral and block fossil collector for the same role, so that it inhibited the floatability. As in the flotation process used in lime contain pyrite, zinc sulfate inhibit sphalerite and cyanide, sodium butyl xanthate inhibition of water glass, the use of starch, such as silicate gangue minerals Mimosa extract (tannins), and other organic inhibitors separation flotation of polymetallic purposes.
Flocculating agent. Fine mineral particles gathered into large particles to accelerate their settlement speed in the water; use of selective flocculation and coagulation desliming flotation and flocculation. Common and polyacrylamide flocculant of starch and so on.
Dispersants. Block a thin ore grain of aggregation, is in a single State, its role and flocculants, on the contrary, commonly used are sodium silicate, phosphate, etc.