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Xanthates--Flotation Reagents Catalog

Xanthate is a yellow crystals or powder, not pure often yellow-green or orange clay shape, irritating odor, moderately toxic, therefore, when producing the reaction should be taken to protect the body and to prevent environmental pollution. short carbon xanthate chains are soluble in water, flammable, poor stability, synthesis of xanthate desorb moisture, shelf life for six months. Place for too long clots metamorphic, drying the reaction is more stable, more storage for a long time.
Xanthate due to its molecular in the of hydrocarbon base different to different varieties, commonly used are sodium ethyl xanthate, n-propyl xanthate, isopropyl xanthate, butyl xanthate, isobutyl xanthate and pentyl xanthate, they common of features are for yellow Crystal or powder solid, may also pressure into short article shaped or granular sold, containing yellow original acid sodium General in 77% above, containing free alkali 0.5% following, easy dissolved Yu water. Chinese flotation reagents factory production up to is ethyl and butyl xanthate, main varieties are ethyl, butyl xanthate, xanthate and synthesis drying.
Xanthate uses very wide, has has near 70 years of using history so far, floating selected industrial made sulfide mine catching received agent in the yellow medicinal , rubber industrial in the as sulfide promoting agent, analysis chemical used be base yellow original acid sodium made copper nickel, metal ion of precipitation agent and the than color agent, metallurgical industry used xanthate from solution in the precipitation drill nickel, cellulose xanthate for manufacturing artificial fiber. Xanthate for flotation of copper, lead, zinc and other metal sulfide used as collectors, some oxide ores, such ascopper oxide, lead-zinc oxide ore, using sodium sulfide or after the reaction of sulfide as collectors for flotation.Potassium xanthate in flotation of xanthate sodium xanthate and two categories, in flotation collector role is isopoly xanthan, relationship between potassium and sodium ions and small, hydrocarbon-based the same potassium xanthate sodium xanthate or have the same mineral processing efficiency.