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Introduce of xanthate

Xanthate’s scientific name is Alkyl xanthogenate or Alkyl dithiocarbonate, which is regarded it as derivative of its two oxygen being substitute by sulfur.
Xanthate was first carried on a synthetic research by Zeise in 1815, as its color is yellow, it is called Yellow Agent and the western language is Xanthate, originated by Greek, means yellow.
Me in general formula stands for Sodium or Potassium and Rstands for different Alkyl, alkyl aryl, ring alkyl, alkoxy, etc. The common products include Ethyl xanthate, butyl xanthate, isopropyl xanthate, isobutyl xanthate, amyl xanthate, hexyl xanthate, etc.
Xanthate has wide applications: it can be used as vulcanization accelerator in rubber industry; potassium ethyl xanthate can be used as Precipitating agent and color reagent for copper, nickel and other metallic ion; in metallurgy industry, xanthate is used as reagent to sediment Cobalt and Nickel in the solution and Cellulose xanthate sodium is used to produce artificial fiber. The general thought of xanthate being used as collector in flotation application began in 1924, which was registered in USA’s Patent by Keller. In 1929, Foster published manufacture xanthate and other organic thiocarbonate‘s method. At present, xanthate is the most widely-used sulphide ore catching agent, it is estimated that the global different kinds of xanthate quantity for flotation is about tens of thousands to one hundred thousands tons every year and the widely-used xanthate’s variety is also more than 10 kinds.
Xanthate’s molecule structure has close relationship with flotation function, generally speaking, the longer carbon chain in xanthate molecule, the stronger collecting ability, that is to say, magnifying with the increasing of alcohol group molecular weight; with branched chain of homologous isomer has stronger collecting ability than linear chain.