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Safety of Sodium ethyl xanthate

Sodium ethyl xanthate in animals, a mild oral toxicity and skin irritation to eyes and skin. It is especially toxic to aquatic life and therefore its disposal is strictly controlled. Median lethal dose for is 730 mg/kg of body weight, with most deaths occurring in the first day. The most seriously affected organ is the central nervous system, liver, and spleen.
Since 1993, the existing chemical sodium ethyl xanthate is listed as a priority in Australia, which means the manufacture, processing, storage, use or disposal may result in adverse health or environmental effects. This was a reasonable decision widely used in chemical industry and its decomposition of toxic and combustible gases carbon disulfide.
Two examples of sodium ethyl xanthate leak in Australia, an evacuation of 100 people, 6 workers exposed to smoke in the hospital. In another incident, residents of the spillage area complained of headache, dizziness and nausea. Consequently, during high-risk sodium ethyl xanthate handling operations, workers are required by the Australian regulations to be equipped with protective clothing, anti-static gloves, boots and full-face respirators or self-contained breathing apparatus.
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